Flash Beacon for Drones Available

Our company, which operates the HATA Drone Filed Chiba, is pleased to announce the launch of a flash beacon for drone on our e-commerce site that can be attached to a FAA guideline. We recommend it to people who have a high safety awareness.

We have a set of 3 and a unit of 1. As far as the our company test was concerned, the flash was sufficiently able to blink in the daytime at an altitude of 149m. The battery can be charged with a USB cable and can last up to 2.5hours on a single charge or up to 6 hours with a flash. The weight is about 10g per 1 piece. I think it would be good to install 2 units, 1 on the upper surface of the fuselage (Appeal to manned aircraft) and 1 on the rear of the fuselage (For checking the position and orientation of the fuselage).

One sample is also available at HATA Drone Filed Chiba, so please let us know when you visit.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s Help Desk for Unmanned Aircraft confirms that applications for alteration are not required by attaching or detaching the relevant product.

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