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This system makes tentative reservations on the Internet. Formal reservation will be confirmed by mail “confirmation of reservation” from this field.

  • Precaution
  • Requests
  • Cancellation Policy


  1. When using the field for the 1st time, it is necessary  to take an entrance lesson about 10minutes first, even if you have experience.
  2. We do not do recovery or compensation of the drone by accident at all.
  3. For beginners, please set in advance not fly more than 50m in beginner mode.
  4. Payment is requested on the day by cash, various credit card.
  5. Borth corporate and individual will be chartered for events or training schools. The charge for private use is from 12,000yen per hour (depending on the scale and content). Please contact us before booking for details.
  6. If you use the drone with a total weight of 4kg or more, please make a reservation of private use for safety.
  7. A drone will fly south, so it might be better to have sunglasses.
  8. Please visit with shoes that can protect feet such as sneakers because the field is a meadow. High heels or sandals are at the risk of injuiry.
  9. It may be closed suddendly depending on the weather of the day. In that case, we will contact you as much as possible, but please contact us if you are worried or coming from a distance. In addition, we can not bear up to travel and transportation expense when it suddenly closed.

<To corporation>

  1. For corporate use, it is reserved only. Please contact us for details.
  2. Please refrain from the request for the issue of corporate receipt that have been applied individually. If you wish to issue a receipt under the name of corporation or personal business owner, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but please request a private use.


  • Please comply with the Aviation Act, Radio Act, and other laws, and follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Please refrain from holding schools or events by other companies(please consult us.)
  • Please pay close attention to safety and ask users to actively speak to each other.
  • Be sure to subscribe to drone insurance, radio control insurance or equivalent thirdparty liability insurance.
  • Please use the aircraft equipped with Go Home function. Also, please do not load dangerous goods or illegal remodeling.
  • Please inspect and maintain the aircraft to be used, and perform inspection and warm up well before the flight.
  • Please be aware that our staff confirms the aircraft.
  • 技適マークの入った〜
  • You can not fly with alcohol, hangovers, or poor health.
  • The use of the field may be canceled depending on the wind speed on the ground and the weather. Please note.
  • Simultaneous flight is limited to two aircraft.
  • Night flight, non-visual flight, property drop, approach to within 30m of people and property is prohibited in principle. Please contact us in advance if you have permission or would like to do training.
  • Take off and landing at a sufficient distance from the aircraft and call out to the surrounding people.
  • To avoid collisions, please do not go under the aircraft or in the flight area.
  • Flying outside the designated area is prohibited. Please be careful about the passersby in the surrounding area.
  • Please be careful about the privacy of the surrounding houses and people passing by.
  • It would be appreciated if you could use manners, such as taking trash with you. We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or damage to the aircraft during flight. It is your own responsibility. In addition, we cannot arbitrate for problems between users.
  • In case of an accident or unforeseen situation, please contact our staff immediately.
  • If you have any concerns, please stop the flight and contact our staff.
  • Cancellation policy If you cancel your reservation, a cancellation fee will be incurred as shown below. Please be sure to check before applying. In addition, cancellation fee does not occur when it’s unavoidable due to weather. In that case, please reserve on another day.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation, the cancellation fee will be charged as shown below, so please check it before you apply. If it is unavoidable due to the weather, there will be no cancellation fee, but please make a reservation and use another day </ span>.

cancellation fee

  • Canceled on the day: 100% of the planned amount
  • Canceled the previous day: 50% of the planned amount
  • Canceled up to 3 days before: 30% of the planned amount
  • Cancellation earlier than above: free
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